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Please don’t be caught by internet fraud. Whether you book via me, or with someone else, please just take a moment to read the following. I’ve been letting since 1980. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Unfortunately, these days, every year I get at least one person frantically looking for accommodation having been let down by someone else.

Here is some simple advice:
  • When looking through holiday websites/advertisements, check that the holiday home you like appears on more than one site, with the same photos, same contact details.
  • Check the advertisers own website and double check all contact details.
  • Check that the property is registered with the Registro de Turismo and has a reference number.
  • Ring the telephone number to chat with that person – preferably a landline number not a mobile.
  • Ask the person for their name and check it corresponds with the name you have.
  • Check the quality of the photos – look for clear good quality photos, not poor quality, grainy photos that may have been lifted from elsewhere.
  • Check that the advertiser accepts card payments – it is not easy to get a merchant account and not all advertisers will be given the facility.
  • Check the advertiser updates the availability calendars regularly on the advertising website.
  • Check the property has been advertised on the advertising website for a decent time – the advertising site won’t keep advertising a property that is a fraud!
  • Read reviews.
  • Some advertising websites offer secure payment options which you can consider.
  • Never transfer any money without first speaking to the advertiser.
  • If you find an ‘offer that is too good to be true’ – it probably isn’t true!
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